Terms and Conditions

Payment Forms

We accept credit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX).

Your booking will be validated from the moment the booking department sends an email confirmation along with the booking voucher.



Check-In time from 14:00h.

It is mandatory to fill in the "Guest file" at the entrance of each guest.

Check out

Check-Out time: 12:00h

Guests should vacate the apartments any case until 12:00h, after this time will be charged new daily.


Meal Plan

The daily includes breakfast-08:00h as 10:30h-e lunch-13:00 as 16:00h.


Cancellation and booking changes

In case of cancellation or lack of appearance, the reserve's deposit amount will not be refundable.

There will be no refund of the rental or the deposit if the guest decides to leave the apartment before the deadline.

There will be no return of the amounts paid and the unused daily.

Changes to the booking dates will only be permitted upon written confirmation of the lodge.

Applications for cancellation shall be requested by e-mail and shall be examined by our reserve headquarters and shall be requested within a minimum of 72 hours before the booking period.

New period should be marked by our reserve headquarters and terminates the day fare.

The apartment will be cleared for new booking by the hotel after the end of the value of the signal, if the host does not appear on the scheduled date of the entry or has not communicated to the hotel via email the interest in maintaining the reserve.



The hostel is not liable for any values left in the apartments.

The hostel has a central safe at the disposal of the guests, with a working time of 08:00h 00:00h.

The Pousada has nocturnal watches to ensure its safety, however disclaims any liability for damage, theft or burglary in vehicles left in the internal or external parking spaces.

Any electrical appliance – refrigerator, air conditioning or TV-which malfunctions after the 18:00h, will only be reserviced the following morning by specialist employee.

In order to ensure the proper functioning of your air conditioning, we ask you not to leave it connected with the open windows.

For your safety, we ask you to close the shutters in the window when you're absent from your apartment.

Breakfast and lunch served in the room only in case of illness.

Games room-Children of 10:00h as 18:00h and adults until the 22:00h.

Sauna-17:00h as 21:00h, not being permitted to enter the smallest.

Gymnastics Room-08:00h as 22:00 H, being expressly prohibited the entry of under 16 years.

The Pousada has Internet connection and cable TV, but it does not assume responsibility for any connectivity or drawback problems arising from these. These services are provided by telecommunication companies and are beyond our control. In case of problems and disturbances with Internet connectivity or TV signal, there will be no refund payment of the rent.


It is expressly prohibited:

The entry of animals in the Pousada;

Serve meals in the apartments, except in case of illness;

Take alcoholic beverages or not to the restaurant, deck, bars or any dependence on the Pousada;

The entrance of guests at the Pousada's internal dependencies without the proper authorization: copa, kitchen and laundry;

Place towels and clothing to dry in the windows or balcony of the Pousada;

Removing chairs, tables and cushions belonging to the salon for other hostel dependencies.

Take the beach towels, deckchairs and chairs from the Pousada.

Shout, run or use sound equipment in the corridors, patios and other dependencies of the Pousada after 22:00h, in order to do not harm the tranquility of other guests.

By determination of the Secretariat of Safety and the fire department the storage of liquid or gaseous fuel material in the hostel's dependencies, understanding by such, apartments, corridors, rooms or deposits


Responsibilities and obligations of our guests

The hostel has the right to request the exit, without any refund of amounts paid by the customer, if one of the following cases occurs: The total number of occupants in the apartment exceeds the maximum set in the reserve, neighbourhood peace disturbance and/or violation of the rules of this Regulation, Organisation of Parties without the proper consent of the Pousada, use of illicit drugs and pets.

The guest assumes full responsibility for the apartment he rented as well as for any item belonging to the Pousada. The same applies to visitors by it guests. The guest and all the occupants of the apartment and visitors have to comply with the rules of this. Fines imposed by the Pousada's administration for damages may be immediately launched in the guest's account. Additionally can also lead to an end of the booking without any refund.



We allow visitors to enter as long as they are informed of our reception and will be subject to the rules laid down by the Pousada.